4 out of 5 stars

I daresay watching this gave me an adrenaline rush!

JGL plays Wilee, a bike messenger, who delivers an envelope that draws the attention of a dirty cop, Bobby Monday (Michael Shannon), that leads to a wild goose chase around New York City.

WILEE: Suck it, douchebag!

I bet all the bike messengers developed great bods while filming because cycling does wonders to your arms and thighs! Wow, I should actually use this piece of advice on myself. While I wondered what was in that super flat envelope that made everyone in NYC crazy, once you knew what was in it, I guess the stakes went up and not just because of what was it but what it meant to the sender. But the obstacles they endure to deliver the envelope was really A LOT.

I really pity the NYPD biker because JGL is so bad-ass he just couldn’t catch up. One scene that I loved was when they called up the “brotherhood”. I guess you don’t get away with it when you mess with one of their own. Plus, I thought it was really amazing to see what goes through the bike messenger’s mind especially when they are trapped in the road junctions and there’s just so many scenarios playing out and how many scenarios can be fatal.

KUDOS for using My Chemical Romance’s Na Na Na during one of the cycling sequences!

STAY DURING THE CREDITS for an extra scene where you see JGL recovering from a scene that sent him flying into the rear windshield of the taxi!


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