BAIT 3D (2012)
3 out of 5 stars

Well, my reasons for watching this movie are Xavier Samuel and Adrian Pang!

Xavier Samuel is so hot and I’ve not seen him since he appeared in Eclipse as Riley. Adrian Pang is a really talented and funny actor and though I know Asian characters have a small role to play in this Australian production, I still want to know what happens.

A powerful tsunami wave washes up the shore and traps and kills many in the underground supermarket, where our movie is set in. The surviving individuals were involved in an armed robbery earlier and tensions run high when they discover that they have company in the flooded supermarket… A GREAT WHITE SHARK. There’s another one at the basement carpark and these sharks are craving for fresh meat.

They try to find a way out of the supermarket but are unable to do so without entering the waters and attracting the shark. And like all life-threatening circumstances, you start to fear the living because some people would do anything to save their own precious lives. It’s kind of a miracle at the end but it is still exciting.

My inner B-movie bitch is singing.

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