alexcrossALEX CROSS (2012)
3 out of 5 stars

Based on the books by James Patterson, this is a crime thriller starring Tyler Perry as the titular character and Matthew Fox as the psychotic villain, Picasso. Picasso is a killer that derives pleasure from torturing and inflicting pain on his victims by injecting them with a substance that paralyzes them but does not numb them.

See how psychotic that is?! Imagine having to watch him inflict pain on your body but you cannot do anything else but look. I must say, Matthew Fox looks scary in his gaunt-but-fit physique and his eyes kind of pops out in an eerie manner. But his methods are really smart – goodness me, am I rooting for the villian now?

Story-wise, I wasn’t blown away. I know Patterson’s novels are hot – I have seen anxious Cross-readers at bookshops asking for many titles at one go. But for those of us who hasn’t read anything, I would like to know how he is so observant besides the fact he does criminal profiling. Oh, look he has a Wikipedia page…

… and I don’t remember much except that whoever plays his lover in the next film had better watch out because he doesn’t have much luck with women. Tsk.

And I spy Ash (Chad Lindberg) from Supernatural!


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