hoteltransylvania-1HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA (2012)
3 and a half out of 5 stars

Hotel Transylvania is a hotel owned by Dracula exclusively for monsters and certainly not for humans. On the eve of his daughter’s 118th birthday, a human being, Jonathan, stumbles into the hotel and these monsters would never be the same again.

Jonathan: Are these monster gonna kill me? 
Dracula: Not as long as they think you’re a monster. 
Jonathan: That’s kinda racist.

This was really funny and it reminded me a little of Monsters, Inc. where the monsters are actually afraid of humans! They think humans still wave pitchforks and torches to kill creatures of the night. So they are surprised to see Jonathan a.k.a. Johnnystein, who is so laidback and fun to be with.


One of my favourites is the table-surfing scene. That was really cool and if I weren’t afraid of flying tables, I would want to play it too! And they got the parts about the contact lenses right as well. That bit was featured in the trailers and it’s true – us, contact lens wearers poke and touch our eyeballs all the time. Yucks!

Dracula: I do not say “blah blah blah”!

The part about the Zing! is kind of sweet too. Too think monsters believe in true love! The last scene where the monsters are all singing was nice too – Andy Samberg is rapping!

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