wolfsheep1南方小羊牧场 WHEN A WOLF FALLS IN LOVE WITH A SHEEP (2012)
3 out of 5 stars

When A Wolf Falls In Love With A Sheep is a quirky story set in Nanyang Street, Taipei where students flock there to mug for their exams. Tung (Kai Ko) is looking for his (ex-)girlfriend and works in a photocopy shop to pass his time. He spots a comic about a sheep, drawn by Yang (Chien Man-shu) in one of the test papers and he responds by adding his sketch of a wolf and it becomes a hit with the students who take the test.

I won’t say this is a love story about the two leads because this film isn’t just about them. There are themes of waiting – whether it was waiting for something to end or waiting for a sign before the characters realized they need to move on. Yang counts to 100 to decide on matters before she finally moves on. It need not be a big step, because a small step counts too.


The backstory of other supporting characters are interesting too and I liked the one about the fried rice seller most. The cartoon of the sheep and the wolf actually has a life of its own and the ending, though not affirmative, is rather hopeful. I like hopeful endings.

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