jackreacherJACK REACHER (2012)
3 out of 5 stars

Based on the book One Shot by Lee Child, Tom Cruise stars as the titular character who helps to solve a case of random sniper killings supposedly committed by a former army associate.

I’m not familiar with the books but decided to watch it because the trailer showed Jack Reacher outsmarting the cops. Usually, the cops think it’s an open-and-shut case but the smart ones will know there is more to it and of course, it’s the latter case for this movie. How Jack Reacher pieces up everything is kinda amazing because he is able to step in the shoes of the individual and think of what steps he will take.

I won’t say it’s a must-watch but I think I would understand the characters better if I read the book but Tom Cruise is still Tom Cruise – very charismatic!


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