3 and a half out of 5 stars

The fairy tale takes a darker twist here as Hansel and Gretel become witch hunters! Yup, they are no longer witch baits but bait witches in order to kill them. They are hired to look into the case of missing children and end up finding out more about their past.

Wow, H&G is much more violent and explicit than the trailer depicts but maybe that’s because I’ve never seen the red band trailer. The blood and gore really splatters in all sorts of glorious manner. Their weapons are really cool – I like Gretel’s double-pointed crossbow! The details of the story ties up and it kind of explains why Hansel and Gretel ended up at the candy hut. But the witches looks really scary – I don’t understand why their faces have to be all white with scary eyes.

Hansel: Whatever you do, don’t eat the fuckin’ candy.


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