flightmovieFLIGHT (2012)
4 out of 5 stars

Whip (Denzel Washington), a pilot, saves a plane from crashing but faces an inquiry when an investigation into the plane’s malfunction reveals more than engine error. His personal life is scrutinized when they realize Whip is an alcoholic and recreational drug user. The movie follows Whip during the days before the hearing and the events that lead to the final result.

I think the audienced gasped each time Whip bought alcohol, touched alcohol or nearly consumed alcohol. That’s how involved we all were while watching this movie. I think some of them peed in their pants during the scene of that mini bar. Denzel Washington was really intense and it really paid off because he earned a Oscar nomination for this role. John Goodman just steals the scenes he’s in as the magnificent pot dealer.


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