tranceTRANCE (2013)
4 out of 5 stars

In this psychological thriller by Danny Boyle, Simon (James McAvoy) is an art auctioneer who suffers from amnesia after an attack during a heist. The problem is, the painting is still missing and Simon was the last one to see it. Franck, the leader of the heist, engages a hypnotherapist to unlock Simon’s memories.

I’m the kind of viewer that tries to figure out the answer as the movie progresses and I kept changing my mind during Trance. You thought it was this but something happens and it becomes another thing altogether. One thing is certain though – hypnotherapists are badasses. Rosario Dawson holds her own against these thugs and even makes them do scary stuff.

It’s nice to see James McAvoy back on the screens after so long. I missed him! It’s nice to see him play dark characters and I look forward to Welcome to the Punch! His performance here reminds me a little of Wanted because that’s the only movie I’ve seen him scream a lot. Mind not blown completely but still worth a watch.

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