thewolverineTHE WOLVERINE (2013)
3 and a half out of 5 stars

When an old acquaintance summons Logan (aka the Wolverine) to Japan, he is forced to face his own demons – his identity as a mutant and his guilt from killing Jean Grey. What will Wolverine do when he is offered an opportunity to not be a mutant?

Logan: Go fuck yourself, pretty boy!

No X-Men movie is complete without Hugh Jackman saying “go fuck yourself”. Just saying. Hugh Jackman is Wolverine. Wolverine is Hugh Jackman. Somehow, he just looks like he’s born to play the part. I’m not sure there’s another actor who can look like and play Wolverine so perfectly.

Story-wise, the Japanese setting does make it more mysterious especially with the yakuza involved. Asian values does change the perspective of everything. Respect, honour, family and filial piety. Watching Wolverine getting scrubbed down is also a plus.

Tao Okamoto is really pretty as Mariko Yashida while Rila Fukushima plays a feisty Yukio, Wolverine’s self-employed bodyguard. These Japanese ladies exude charm and grace and they can still kick ass. Though I wonder what it must feel like for the Viper? Does she really not crave male company? Or does she dislike them because she can’t be with them? Nonetheless, her body is smoking hot!


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