kickass2KICK-ASS 2 (2013)
4 out of 5 stars

Yeah! Finally got to watch this movie that I’ve been anticipating since I watched the trailers. My favourite line has to be:

Hit Girl: Act like a bitch, get slapped like a bitch.

Kick Ass is back and he’s joining up with a group of similar-minded vigilantes to fight crime in New York City. Meanwhile, Red Mist is intent on revenge against Kick Ass for his father’s death and reincarnates himself as The Motherfucker along with his group of super villains.

They are still humans but they dress up as costumed superheroes to fight for justice and for revenge – depending which side you’re on. There are new characters like Colonel Stars and Stripes, Night Bitch and Dr. Gravity. Personally, I find the costumed couple pretty hilarious because everyone knows the power of a loaded handbag or a charged-up baseball bat.

Sometimes, I get a little teary-eyed while watching. Maybe it’s because these so-called superheroes are just teenagers who are trying to make a difference but people around them get hurt instead. Maybe it’s because they willingly give themselves to protect their city. It also begins the age-old question if we are allowed to take justice in own hands. Personally, I still prefer the first movie because there are more fighting scenes with Hit Girl though this one is not bad. Go adrenaline rush!



SAVAGES (2012)
3 out of 5 stars

Based on the novel by Don Winslow, it revolves around Ben (Aaron Johnson), Chon (Taylor Kitsch) and O (Blake Lively) and their lucrative marijuana business. They are literally living in paradise until a Mexican cartel offers them a deal they cannot afford to refuse. Things take a turn for the worse when O is kidnapped to force Ben and Chon to cooperate.


They were totally making full use of it at the beginning of the movie when O describes the loves of her life – Chon fucks but Ben makes love. Their business is really lucrative because an average day at the mall for O means getting a pair of Manolo Blahniks and other designer clothes and bags. O’s tattoos are simply beautiful – they accentuate her endless limbs.

It’s really about protecting your own ass and finding your enemy’s weakness to twist it to your advantage. It irks me that the bad guys were able to work both sides of the law! He totally deserved that knife to the hand!

There’s two endings (sort of) and the morbid side of me prefers the first one.


– 4 out of 5 stars

Glenn Close plays Albert Nobbs, a woman living as a man working as a hotel waiter in 19th century Ireland, where jobs for women were hard to find. His life is shaken when a painter, Hubert Page, arrives at the hotel and gives Nobbs a new perspective on life and his future.

Nobbs certainly has a tough time growing up and it’s even tougher when she’s been a man for so long, she doesn’t remember her real name. The ending was almost heartbreaking although you could predict it the moment it happened. Well, some people just have a tougher life to live.


– 3 and a half out of 5 stars 

Nowhere Boy is a biopic about the young John Lennon. Brought up by his uncle and aunt since young, John starts to think about his birth mother after his uncle passed away unexpectedly. When he finally meets her, he is drawn to her free spirit and love for music. He learns to play the banjo and guitar then starts his own band, The Quarrymen and meets future Beatle, Paul McCartney, while on their first gig. Things get complicated when John questions why he was brought up by his aunt, instead of his mother.

I won’t say I’m a Beatles fan and you don’t need to be one to enjoy this movie. The music made by the Quarrymen, or in the case of this movie, sung by the Nowhere Boys, are decent and enjoyable. And you can tell there’s a lot of inner turmoil for young John Lennon, played by Aaron Johnson (Kick-Ass), as he tries to connect with his birth mother and yet can’t seem to bring himself to forget why he was abandoned in the first place. But I felt how he tried to reunite his aunt and mother was very mature of him and I would say the scene of the three of them sitting down on the beach chairs is one of my favourite scenes.


KICK-ASS (2010)
– 5 out of 5 stars

Hello! I’m fresh from watching Kick-Ass and it’s really kick ass!

The film revolves around comic book-loving teenager, Dave Lizewski, who wonders why no one has ever became a real superhero and fight the blatant crime that’s been all over their neighbourhood. He orders a scuba diving suit online and decides to become Kick-Ass. He fails miserably (got his ass kicked) – after getting beaten, stabbed and knocked down – but is “reborn” when his accident left him with damaged nerve endings and metal bone holders. Apparently, they help him withstand pain better. He later meets Big Daddy and Hit Girl, who rescue him when one of his missions go wrong. Unknown to Kick-Ass, all these henchmen are under the payroll of the local crime syndicate leader, Frank D’Amico, who decides to hunt the superhero down. At last, a superhero showdown between the good and the evil.

First of all, Hit Girl is AMAZING! Played by Chloë Grace Moretz, last seen in (500) Days Of Summer and Diary Of A Wimpy Kid, she steals the show. She can handle her weapons well – the butterfly knife, guns, knives, etc. She can even kick walls and deliver great kicks!

She was awesome during her first scenes when she rescues Kick-Ass, rescue Big Daddy and the final scenes where she was gonna take out Frank D’Amico. She took on a warehouse full of armed men! That’s plenty of gusto for an 11 year old!

She’s currently 13 years old but she shot it at 11. That’s uber cool. What was I doing when I was 11? Playing block catching. There seems to be lots of controversy regarding her use of “coarse language” – it’s rated M18 in Singapore – like the C-word, F-words and whatever words I wouldn’t type here but could say it in the next second. Oops. But really, I think they don’t really know what’s happening in schools these days. I think I have heard worst.

Anyway, the funnier parts of the film occur when these not-so-super superheroes get into action. Like when Kick-Ass and Red Mist meet in the dark alley; both are actually just teenagers but they are trying to put on their toughest front. The relationship between Big Daddy and Hit Girl is actually kinda cool, if you can get around the fact that she does not have a childhood revolving around dolls and all things pink, cute and fluffy. Those things do not help you when you get bullied in school.

I thought it was really empowering to stand up against crime like that. Of course, all this is just fiction and comics and all, but it was really enjoyable to watch. Slightly bloody at first, especially after Hit Girl appears, but hey, she’s like my idol now. (I’ll watch it again if time permits!)


– 3 and a half out of 5 stars

Last but not least, it’s Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. It’s a coming-of-age comedy where Georgia encounters friendship woes, trouble in the parental unit and boy problems. All at the age of fourteen!

She tries to get the attention of Robbie, newly transferred schoolmate and “sex god”, but the queen bee has already set her sights on him. Her father’s moved to New Zealand for his job and the builder her mother hired is looking too good to be trusted. There begins Georgia’s twists and turns on the path of becoming a young mature adult, having great pals and having a boyfriend. It has a great soundtrack and the ending is amazing and touching at the same time.