3 and a half out of 5 stars

I nearly did not watch this movie because there were so little timings left and I’m so glad I did.

It’s a quirky dark comedy that takes place after an announcement that an asteroid will crash into Earth in three weeks’ time. Impulses run wild and people start to do things without thinking about consequences. Dodge (Steve Carell) meets his neighbour, Penny (Keira Knightley), while trying to comfort her because she missed the last flight back home. Dodge is eager to find his high school sweetheart while Penny wishes to be back in England. As they help to fulfill each others’ last wishes, the two form a bond that would not have been possible if the world wasn’t going to end.

Penny: I promise not to steal anything if you promise not to rape me.

Even though all mankind is about to die, there are still funny moments in this film. Media coverage is more honest (regarding traffic – “we are fucked”) and channels start to show “ESPN Classic” while magazines release their “Final Issue”. While Penny grabbed her favourite vinyl records before leaving her home, Dodge only had a letter and a dog. It makes me wonder what would I grab in such a situation…

As it’s near the end of the world, you realize that people behave without inhibitions and false pretenses. Steve Carell put in a really earnest performance as Dodge and I think I share some similarities with him – doesn’t mean the world is ending means everything has to end with a bang. But it’s really so lucky for both of them to find each other with so little time left because they really bring out each other’s hidden qualities.


– 3 out of 5 stars 

I didn’t expect myself to be catching Jennifer’s Body as it seemed kinda horrific but I just psycho-ed myself that it’s an extended episode of Supernatural and the two handsome male leads have been replaced by a heroine instead. Imagine being in the theatre with just ONE other person seated far, far away. Yup, I’m kinda timid sometimes.

Anyway, Jennifer only started feasting on boys after a satanic ritual went wrong. Turns out her sweetie pie image is not equivalent to her virginity, a must for the ritual. No thanks to a lowly band aptly named Low Shoulder. Thereafter, Jennifer has to eat flesh to sustain her life and her hot looks. The only one in the know is Needy, her best friend and she has to uncover the true behind Jennifer’s transformation and save the town before her boyfriend becomes the next victim. I’ve to say that I love how the ending played out, and I’m not going to spoil it but let’s just say the evil-doers got what they deserved.

Oh, check out the soundtrack! I like Cobra Starship’s Chew Me Up & Spit Me Out.