– 4 out of 5 stars

Caught Hairspray and it’s fantastic!

Fancy 60s costumes, slick dance moves and cans of hairspray complete the movie. Amidst racial inequality, Tracy Turnblad fulfills her dream of entering the Corny Collins Show and faces tight competition from the von Tussle mother-daughter team who are guarding their Miss Teenage Hairspray title. Link Larkin is trying to charm the socks off girls by giving his signature wink and seeing catfights between the entire crew against Amber von Tussle is deservingly funny, like dropping her on the ground or smacking her face. Ouch. Seeing James Marsden sing is kinda weird cos he seems so masculine most of the time and watching John Travolta and Christopher Walken flirting with and exchanging gooey eyes with each other can be quite disturbing.

If you like to sing and dance, use saliva to keep stray hair from your pretty face (guys) or like high hair on your head (girls), Hairspray is your movie!


SHE’S THE MAN (2006)
– 3 and a half out of 5 stars

Well, from the title, I think it’s obvious that I went to watch She’s The Man, starring Amanda Bynes.

Try solving the riddle in the poster first.

Amanda Bynes’ really funny trying to impersonate her brother. Like those ‘ahem’ parts where she deepens her voice deliberately, acting to be in extreme pain when a soccer ball hits her crouch, the part at the carnival where she changes into her brother in this merry-go-round thing and the catfight! And the guys are just plain cute, or hot for that matter. Like Duke (Channing Tatum). Well, the ending was also nice, with the final soccer match showdown. Like the father said “Is it me, or does this soccer match has more nudity than others?”. Oh, did I mention that Viola’s ex is really an irritating crybaby? Oh my, he’s worst than a girl!

Other than that, it has agreat soundtrack to boot! Especially All-American Rejects!!! Dirty Little Secret and Move Along!!! Wow, I tell you, when the guitar started to strum and the drums started to beat, I really feel like jumping up and down!! And to top off, I have changed my blog music to All-American Rejects’ Move Along – my favourite song of the moment.