– 4 out of 5 stars

Woohoo! New Moon did not disappoint!

Seriously, I wasn’t that into New Moon as I did with Twilight (which would explain the lack of posts regarding New Moon) because there had really too much publicity. Plus, the number of reviews I’ve read that said it sucked – countless. But as a slightly more objective viewer this year, I think it’s not bad.

Basically, it’s Bella’s 18th birthday and the Cullens have offered to celebrate it for her. But a papercut proves fatal when Jasper (the newest “vegetarian” vampire) tries to attack Bella. Edward, in order to protect Bella, leaves Forks and Bella utterly heartbroken. She seeks comfort in Jacob Black, who turns out to be a werewolf. But a series of unexpected events occur and Bella has to rush to Italy to save Edward from destruction.

I thought the part where Edward left Bella was really, really sad. My tears welled up slowly as the scenes progressed, with Bella becoming less of a person. Though I still think the book expressed the sadness better. When Jacob appeared, Bella was less mopey and I don’t know how she can concentrate on her lines when she’s seeing so much muscle. There was a scene when Bella fell from the bike and Jacob was like, “you’re bleeding” and proceeded to take his shirt off to clean off the blood. Hello?! Wouldn’t there be more blood since your heart is beating faster? Anyway, the wolves are pretty scary at first. I got a shock when I heard the first growl. It was LOUD.

(There’s definitely a lot more Team Jacob after this instalment cos I saw (crazy) people trying to hold Taylor Lautner’s cardboard hands. But there were (crazy) people trying to hug Robert Pattinson’s cardboard body too…)

There were comical elements too, especially Jasper. Somehow, I don’t think they explained much about the wolves or the Volturi – maybe that will come in Eclipse. Marcus and Caius (other members of the Volturi) seem bored while Aro enjoys decapitating vampires. However, the fight scenes involving them are ground-breaking, like, literally. Lastly, I think the ending was perfect! Girls (most of them) will definitely swoon at Edward’s last sentence.

And I’m glad the soundtrack was integrated into the film nicely! They played The Killers’ A White Demon Love Song during the first half of the credits – hurray!

 Eclipse opens June 30, 2010 in the USA.


– 4 out of 5 stars

OMG! I don’t really know how to phrase this properly but…

Everything’s kinda hazy and I definitely need to relive those memories. But otherwise, I thought the movie was moving at a rather slow pace until the climax, of course. The 122 minutes just passed unknowingly and it is different from the book, in terms of certain dialogue/scenes and some details that only readers of the book would know. =)

First of all, I LOVE VAMPIRE BASEBALL! Man, I tell you, it’s way cooler than Quidditch (which can be kind of dizzy, even though Cedric Diggory was the Captain of his team). Second of all, the fight scene at the ballet studio was simply thrilling! Anticipating their actions, reactions and I didn’t know Alice did that! Oh, I like the part where Edward goes to school with Bella with his shades – so cool! The scene where Edward saves Bella from the truck didn’t disappoint too!

I can hear gasping and muffled screams when Edward appeared for the first time and it was funny to see how he used his ability (FYI: He can read minds except Bella’s) in the carpark against Mike and Bella, and his scenes with Charlie (Bella’s father). But the parts in the forest may shock/scare or even become funny when Edward displays his strengths. It was more to the shock part for me cos it didn’t feel like it did when I read the book. Edward’s stares are disturbing at first, but later, it just feels funny. But I guess it’s because Robert Pattinson’s playing a tortured character who’s in love with Bella and yet, his vampiric nature wants to make Bella a meal (oh, look out for the ballet scene!). The prom was played out nicely – loved that pavillion – and the soundtrack was fully utilized in the film! Otherwise, I was slightly saddened by their short-lived scene in the meadows, the diner scene and the development of their romance but I guess it was hard work trying to condense everything into 2 hours. But I can tell they edited some parts out!!

All in all, I think the book is better (as with most book-to-movie adaptations) but it feels great to have your favourite books come to life on film and have leads with such chemistry play your favourite characters.

(But as a crazed fan, it’s 4 and a half out of 5 stars)

I realized after watching the movie, that I was watching it on the original US release date (12.12.2008) before it was brought forward! YESSSS!!!