– 4 out of 5 stars

Alien-prequel or not, the film centers on a crew aboard the spaceship, Prometheus, seeking the creators of mankind on Earth. However, like every other outer space-related movie, such ventures often lead to devastating consequences.

The main reason I watched this was Michael Fassbender! He is simply fascinating as the android David – whether he’s going about his daily chores alone while the rest of the crew are in stasis, or when he goes around touching things that should be left alone. He clearly has a large agenda because he’s not in the least apologetic about the consequences of his actions. He is the safest and the most dangerous person/android you can bring onboard a spaceship because he really has “itchy hands”.

I was quite prepared about aliens-gone-wrong in this film (unlike Sunshine which flipped my expectations 360 degrees halfway through the movie) and those aliens were grotesque! It’s clear that they morph into a scarier version of the organism they take over but those “worms” were simply DISGUSTING! And there were certain moments whereby you, as the audience, know that they shouldn’t do something but the characters do it anyway – like opening your door just┬ábecause the missing crew’s camera was “looking in”? HELLO?! It most definitely isn’t the same crew anymore!

Noomi Rapace has officially become a kick-ass heroine after what she did – DIY C-section – you have to see for yourself to believe it. I find the fact that the machine was catered to males only suspicious because this means David and Weyland of Weyland Corp himself has been planning what David has done. CONSPIRACY!


– 4 out of 5 stars

I don’t care what anybody says, I like Kristen Stewart! Anyway, most of the haters only hate her because of Twilight and as someone who has seen her work before Twilight (Speak, Into The Wild), I think she’s amazing and her green eyes are really hypnotizing!

This version of Snow White is definitely darker than the earlier Mirror, Mirror where everything seems to be dance-y and prance-y. Even the Queen is so much more wicked. She quite literally consumes souls to keep her youth. Another scary aspect of the film was the Queen’s brother. Seriously, I think anyone with that hairstyle is scary.

The darkness of magic prevailed in the film so the fairy land the dwarves led them to was really pretty. I liked the moss-covered tortoise most!┬áThe deviation from the fairytale is that Snow White starts a rebellion and I’ve got to agree with the Huntsman that K-Stew looks fetching in metal. Chris Hemsworth looks like a huntsman and his accent doesn’t hurt though he should probably deviate from roles which require him to throw things (i) hammer – Thor (ii) axe – Huntsman.