5 out of 5 stars


The long-awaited conclusion to The Dark Knight Trilogy is finally here and running at 165 minutes, it does not disappoint and only serves to fascinate and blow your mind. Taking everything into consideration, congratulations Christopher Nolan, you have taken every mind for a good spin around Gotham.

Taking place eight years after the events from The Dark Knight, Gotham City is at peace until a new terrorist leader, Bane, surfaces. Batman aka Bruce Wayne resurfaces to protect the city he loves even as Gotham continues to brand Batman as an enemy of Gotham.

Well, most of the Inception alumni are back in this Christoper Nolan masterpiece and man, it’s so good to see them together. I really loved Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle here. There’s just so many layers to her character besides the obvious fact that she kicks ass fabulously and beautifully. Tom Hardy was brilliant as Bane and even though half of his face was covered, his eyes really tell a story of their own. I have to say his built kinda scares me though – his shoulders are just so broad. And it is good to see Cillian Murphy back!

It is in every sense, a fitting conclusion. GO WATCH IT!



IN TIME (2011)
– 3 and a half out of 5 stars

Part of the reason I watched this because it stars:
Justin Timberlake. Matt Bomer. Cillian Murphy. Alex Pettyfer.

In the year 2161, time is everything – it pays for your meals, your rides and you earn it by contributing to the society once your clock starts ticking down from the age of 25. Like everywhere else, there is inequality and Will Salas (Timberlake) discovers this the hard way when he gets wanted by the Timekeepers. Amanda Seyfried’s really pretty in her role here, most probably because she “comes from time” – because time is money. I liked how Will and Sylvia (Seyfriend) becomes the modern day Bonnie and Clyde!


– 3 and a half out of 5 stars 

After a long long wait, I finally caught my movie… and a FREE one at that! Thanks to my sister who won 2 complimentary tickets to Sunshine.According to the story, the Sun is dying and so will Earth; thus this group of eight scientists and astronauts are sent on a mission to the Sun. This is their last attempt to ignite the core, after mining all over Earth for materials and a failed mission seven years ago. After entering the deadzone (place where messages can no longer be transmitted), they find Icarus I – the spaceship that failed to re-ignite the Sun seven years ago. After an ‘informed’ decision, they decided to make a detour to Icarus I. Due to careless mistakes, mechanical problems and casualties arose.

This was really scary mainly for the climax that occurred three-quarter-way into the show. Some Freddy Kreuger-wannabe appeared and scared the hell outta me; this is one of the reasons why space-related movies are scary. It’s kinda claustrophobic in the spaceship, and you’re out alone in space with nowhere to run and some “enlightened”thing comes for you with a rotating blade. *shivers* Star Wars is still good in the sense that the force is with me and it’s entirely fictatious, unlike Sunshine, which brings an element of realism into it.