3 and a half out of 5 stars

Percy Jackson is back and this time, he has to retrieve the Golden Fleece from Polyphemus in the Sea of Monsters to heal Thalia’s tree, that has been protecting Camp Half-Blood after it has been poisoned by Luke (Jake Abel, deliciously bad). However, Luke is also after the the Golden Fleece to resurrect Kronos. So, it’s a matter of who gets to the Fleece first and uses it for what purpose.

It’s always interesting whenever demi-Gods are involved but do they have to resurrect Kronos too (I’m talking about Wrath of the Titans)? So now we have teenagers preventing the resurrection of Kronos, whom we all know will destroy the human race. Their journey to the Sea of Monsters is hilarious because of Tyson and his noisy backpack. Nathan Fillion is charming, as usual, as Hermes. Though, the story is screaming for a sequel because the prophecy has yet to be fulfilled. And who’s money is betting on Luke surviving this sequel?


thehostTHE HOST (2013)
4 out of 5 stars

Based on Stephenie Meyer’s sci-fi novel, the movie takes place in the future where Earth and its inhabitants has been taken over by an extraterrestrial race known as Souls. Melanie Stryder, part of the human resistance, has been captured and Wanderer the Soul has been implanted in her to discover the location of other humans. But Melanie is not going down without a fight and her consciousness affects Wanderer’s feelings and actions…

Yes, I read Stephenie Meyer books and I enjoy reading them. I like the Twilight Saga! I like The Host too!

It is mainly a love story because Melanie’s feelings for Jared are so strong that it affects Wanderer (a.k.a. Wanda) too. Yet, Wanda’s actions draws Ian towards her. My favourite part is when Wanda, as Melanie, shields Jared from Kyle’s punches. To me, that really shows how Melanie is still “alive” with Wanda in her and probably how Ian took to her. The inner and outer voice of Melanie and Wanda can seem distracting at first but it is pretty amusing to see how they interact with one another especially where boys are concerned. There’s lots of kissing and punching so it isn’t overly mushy.

One last thing – don’t you just the song from the end credits? That would be Radioactive by Imagine Dragons.


– 4 out of 5 stars

On Valentine’s Day, I had a “date” with I Am Number Four at Cathay Cineleisure – thanks to InCinemas.sg! That “date” includes Alex Pettyfer, Timothy Olyphant, Callan McAuliffe and Jake Abel!

// Alex Pettyfer was previously seen in Wild Child and can be seen next inBeastly with Vanessa Hudgens. Timothy Olyphant is in Justified! Callan McAuliffe was in Flipped, which was sadly not shown in Singapore. Jake Abel was in Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief and also Adam Milligan aka the Winchesters’ half brother in Supernatural! //

I Am Number Four is based on the novel by Pittacus Lore. It centres around Number Four/John Smith (Alex Pettyfer), one of nine remaining aliens from the planet Lorien, who have come to seek refuge on Earth while on the run from the Mogadorians, another alien species. He is protected by his guardian, Henri (Timothy Olyphant), who will train him when his Legacies/powers manifest themselves. These last Loriens have to be killed in the sequence of their numbers and Numbers One, Two and Three are dead – this means John is in danger.

Sarah: What’s your name?
Number Four/John: John… Smith.
Sarah: Okay, you don’t wanna tell me your name…

I think I nearly jumped out of my seat because the the movie kicked off Kings Of Leon’s Radioactive (!) followed by The Black Keys’ Tighten Up, both of which were in the running for Best Rock Performance/Song for the Grammys that day.

John: A place is only as good as the people you know in it. I think this is a pretty good place.

There’s plenty of action and suspense in the movie and some parts even caused me to grip my seat real tight – like when the Mogadorians and their “pets” appear. The opening scene grips you right from the start and you just mentally prepare yourself whenever there are dark places involved.

Sam: (on shooting down a Mogadorian) I play a lot of X-Box.

Timothy Olyphant is Olyphantastic as usual and he sure channeled Raylan Givens when he fired that shotgun! I wouldn’t mind being home-schooled by him. Then I have this semi-crush on 16-year-old Callan McAuliffe, who plays Sam and provides most of the comic relief. It won’t be obvious at first when he keeps his head down, but once he starts to open up to John, you’ll be charmed (by his eyes and smile)!

Number Six: If you slow us down, I’ll shoot you myself.
Sam: I believe you. Can we go now?

Teresa Palmer totally kicks ass as the feisty Number Six. I liked that she was fireproof and could disappear and appear out of thin air! Dianna Agron stars as Sarah, John’s love interest and it has blossomed off-screen – such a good-looking couple! There are plenty of funny moments too, like when Sarah’s mother switches the porch lights on and off in a bid to distract the young couple from making out too intensely. And I’d like to add that Singaporeans are a sentimental bunch cos there was a collective “Awww” when John’s dog, Bernie Kosar, appeared at the end.

The movie opens in Singapore 24 February 2011.

Here’s a really cute interview featuring Alex Pettyfer on Ellen and on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon:


– 4 out of 5 stars

The Lovely Bones is truly a long-awaited movie. After hearing about its book-to-movie adaptation, I read the book more than two years ago and was kinda disappointed that the release would be delayed till March 2010.

Based on the novel by Alice Sebold, it tells the tale of Susie Salmon, a 14-year-old girl who was murdered and how she continues to watch over her family and her murderer while living in the In-Between, somewhere between Heaven and Earth. The murder comes at an inappropriate time, because her crush had just asked her out and she has yet to experience her first kiss. Her father’s hobby of building junks in bottles will become lost as Susie was the only one who appreciated the art.

Stanley Tucci is freakingly creepy as George Harvey – he got an Oscar nod for Best Supporting Actor. With his unkempt hair, moustache and his obsession to paint his roses red, my first suspect would be him. (He’s better off as the fashionista in The Devil Wears Prada).

At 138 minutes long, it can be quite long a movie but you wouldn’t feel it because you will be rooting for the Salmons as her story grips you right from the beginning. Her family starts to crumble after her murder. Her father is bent on finding the murderer while her aggrieved mother wants to move on. Her murderer, Harvey, starts getting complacent but keeps his guard on when Jack (Susie’s father) and Lindsey (Susie’s sister) start to suspect their “unsuspecting neighbour”, Mr. Harvey. The climax of the movie came when Lindsey broke into Harvey’s house to gather evidence (that useless cop refuses to do anything without evidence) and that was truly a heart-in-mouth moment. The ending is apt because Harvey truly deserved it.


– 3 and a half out of 5 stars 

Why are children storybooks nowadays so interesting? There’s magic, there’s myths and there’s mysteries – all in one.

Anyway, the latest book-to-movie adaptation is Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. When Zeus’ lightning bolt is stolen and Percy Jackson is the prime suspect. It wasn’t till his substitute teacher transforms into a monster (the Fury) that Percy realizes he is the son of Poseidon and he has 14 days to find the bolt and return it before war breaks out between the worlds.Watching this should be like a brief kids version prelude to Clash of the Titans (coming soon on 1 April 2010) because there’s Zeus, Hades, Medusa and the introduction of half-men, half-gods a.k.a. “demigods” (eg. Achilles, Hercules and Perseus – played by hot Sam Worthington). And I was trying hard to figure out who was Jake Abel in the opening credits until he appeared as Luke and I realized he was in Supernatural as the Winchester’s half-brother!

Anyway, the movie has pretty cool effects especially when Percy manipulates the water around him to his advantage. Funny scenes include Percy’s reaction to being given a pen as a “powerful weapon” and Persephone’s lusty lingering looks at his friend/protector Grover.

//Find out what’s your power HERE!