monstersuniversityMONSTERS UNIVERSITY (2013)
4 out of 5 stars

This is the prequel to Monsters, Inc. and it tells the beginnings of the top scaring team – Mike and Sulley!

I’ve been looking forward to watching this and it does not disappoint! Mike and Sulley didn’t start off as friends. Mike being small and un-scary versus Sulley, who descended from a line of great scarers. When circumstances forces both of them to join forces to stay in the University, it results in an unexpected friendship.

The members of Oozma Kappa were really hilarious especially during the scene at the library. The team of oddballs can be very endearing. Baby Mike is really cute and he wears braces! There were many laughs especially during their training sessions. Other voices I recognized were Nathan Fillion’s (as Johnny) and John Krasinski’s (as Frank McCay).

Johnny: Enjoy the attention while it lasts, boys. After you lose, no one will remember you.
Mike: Maybe. But when you lose, no one will let you forget it.



promisedlandPROMISED LAND (2012)
3 and a half out of 5 stars

The movie introduces “fracking” to its audience through Steve Butler (Matt Damon), a representative at a natural gas company that specializes in obtaining natural gas trapped underground. His job entails persuading landowners to sign over their drilling rights to the company at a price. His plan to win over the town comes to a halt when a former teacher raises safety issues regarding fracking and an environmentalist, Dustin Noble (John Krasinski) starts a campaign to oppose fracking in the town.

Well, the movie certainly opened my eyes to “fracking” and I have to say it doesn’t paint it very favourably. Every method to obtain energy has its pros and cons. From this movie, it seems that the pros only include obtaining the energy and the profits it will bring. The environmental effects are more long-lasting and devastating. It tries to be a serious film but isn’t close to being a documentary yet.


– 2 and a half out of 5 stars

Based on the novel by Emily Griffin, the story tests the boundaries of love and friendship when Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin)spends the night with Dex (Colin Egglefield), her best friend Darcy’s (Kate Hudson) fiance. Thrown into the mix is Ethan (John Krasinski), Rachel and Darcy’s childhood friend who wants someone of his own.

Ethan: I can’t take this ‘Daddy beats me because he loves me’ excuse.

John Krasinski was hilarious in this movie! He’s got the best lines and jokes, and his facial expressions were the icing on the cake. Movie-wise, the crucial parts were more or less in the trailer so you’re mostly there to know the ending. I guess audiences are led to Team Rachel because it kinda describes Darcy as a friend-zilla. But you’ll never know because there’s a sequel to this story (Something Blue) that is written in Darcy’s point of view. Colin Egglesfield is easy on the eyes but he doesn’t seem to joke much, or at all. So yeah, I’m for John Krasinski!



AWAY WE GO (2009)
– 3 and a half out of 5 stars

Away We Go is about a couple trying to find a perfect home for their unborn child. They travel around the States to visit their friends and relatives and also learn parenting tips from them. What they didn’t expect is that they don’t see a “healthy” example of parenting they wish to emulate and eventually, they settle down at a place where they should have long thought of, but wouldn’t have if they didn’t travel all over.

The funniest and most absurd person they would meet was Burt’s (John Krasinski) childhood friend, “LN” (Maggie Gyllenhaal) who has very extreme views about parenting. She doesn’t believe in strollers because she does not believe in pushing her babies away. I guess she doesn’t believe in vowels too cos her name was originally “Ellen”. At the end, the couple might seem a little smug because everyone else is just “weird” but you see how they assure and re-assure each other and they know nothing else matters.


– 3 out of 5 stars

Saw It’s Complicated recently and I must state that I only went to watch it cos John Krasinski (The Office) was starring in it. I’m not interested in menopausal people getting engaged in kinky business.

It’s a romantic comedy where two men fight for the attentions of a woman. One of them is her ex-husband, the other is her architect who has a slight crush on her. Somehow, the divorced couple re-ignited their passion for each other after a drunken night and things start to get seemingly complicated. Her ex-husband is married and she is now the Other Woman, yet she is also getting involved with her architect. Where does John Krasinski fit into all this? He’s the son-in-law who knows about the affair but can’t tell anyone lest chaos breaks out.

There are a couple of funny scenes, like the ones where they tried to smoke marijuana and when Alec Baldwin (the ex-husband) tries to surprise Meryl Streep and ends up blinding Steve Martin (the architect) with his you-know-what via webcam. Amazing how technology has progressed.



– 3 out of 5 stars 

I saw License To Wed last week.

It’s a fun romantic comedy though some parts involving Reverend Frank (Robin Williams) is really lame and idiotic. The BEST part is, of course, John Krasinski (Isn’t he cute?). Anyway, Sadie (Mandy Moore) is kinda insecure about the marriage with them doing badly for their ‘Marriage Preparation Course’ and Ben (Krasinski) not writing his wedding vows when she wrote 7 pages’ worth of them. The sweetest part must have been Ben writing his wedding vows on sand while Sadie looks on from her hotel window.


– 3 out of 5 stars

 An overall funny movie but the storyline lacks the magic the previous prequels had. Most of the funny parts were shown in their trailers so I thought it was up to the other characters like Merlin the crackpot, Artie the future King, the Princesses Club and the supposed villians to save the show. A rather good effort, I must say.

But my favourite would still have to be Donkey and Puss In Boots. The sidekicks of Shrek never fail to amuse and entertain, and they are damn funny. Oh, Lancelot was voiced by John Krasinski from The Office!! What a handsome voice!! And like all other movies, the moral of the story was to believe in yourself and be what you want to be.