– 4 out of 5 stars

Kristen Wigg stars as Annie Walker, a single woman in her 30s who has recently lost her job, savings and boyfriend when her bakery failed to take off. Her best friend, Lillian (Maya Rudolph), announces her engagement and makes Annie her maid of honour. Though broke and lovelorn, Annie tries to make it a wonderful occasion for Lillian and things get tougher when she has to fend off Lillian’s new BFF, Helen, who’s vying for the role of maid of honour.

This is one of the funniest movies I have seen this year! Almost every moment is a laugh-out-loud moment. Personally, I thought the funniest parts were during the bridesmaids’ dress fitting, the airplane scene and when Annie was trying to get Officer Nathan Rhodes’s (the charming Chris O’Dowd) attention by driving “recklessly”. Totally ship Nathan and Annie… and the raccoons are adorable!

The rivalry between Helen (Rose Byrne) and Annie was evident from the start when they toasted Lillian. The staring thing was weird and I hated how Helen hypocritical can be. The bridal shower was the last straw and I can empathize with Annie, though her actions were a little too strong (but funny). I mean, when one is really angry, the f-bombs will definitely come out. Come on, she’s literally at the lowest point of her life and it gets worst? Give her a guy with a packet of carrots!

There’s also Jon Hamm, who plays a jerk version of himself and Wigg is really lucky to have him in it even though he can be such an ass. Melissa McCarthy (Sookie from Gilmore Girls) plays Megan, who doesn’t mince her words and actions. She brings out most of the gags and steals every scene – OMG that toilet sink! Ellie Kemper from The Office also stars as one of the bridesmaids. And surprise surprise, she used to be Jon Hamm’s student when he was teaching drama!

Annie: What kind of a name is ‘Stove’ anyway? What, are you like a kitchen appliance or something?
Flight Attendant Steve: No. My name is Steve and I’m a man.
Annie: You are a flight attendant.


THE TOWN (2010)
– 4 out of 5 stars

Based on Chuck Hogan’s book, The Prince of Thieves, it revolves around a group of friends who grew up in Charlestown and rob banks for a living. While robbing the Cambridge Bank, they take bank manager, Claire Keesey (Rebecca Hall), as a hostage. Doug (Ben Affleck), the leader of the group, trails Claire to source out if she remembers anything from the robber, and a romance relationship begins. Meanwhile, the crew continue to take on more jobs even though Doug is reluctant and wants to get out of Charlestown for a fresh start. However, his ties with the town and Jem (Jeremy Renner) are much more complicated and he is unable to leave as FBI agent Crawley (Jon Hamm) closes in and wants to bring them down.

I thought the bank robbery scenes are fantastic and the fact that they use these nun masks as a disguise is creepy. But they are really meticulous in their preparation work before each robbery and they leave no stone unturned. Looks like watching CSI paid off for Doug and gang. As the movie progresses, you observe the dynamics of the Townies and you realize it is not easy to get in or out. Doug may not get out of Charlestown yet you hope that he gets out. Jeremy Renner impresses as Jem because he’s got that fierce loyalty in him yet he’s reckless and violent so you have no idea what his actions may bring about to the group. You find yourself rooting for these Townies instead. Even when it all fell apart, it was sad. Watch it.