BehindTheCandelabraBEHIND THE CANDELABRA (2013)
4 out of 5 stars

This is story of Liberace and his lover, Scott Thorson, based on his autobiographical novel.

I don’t know much about Liberace but I’ve certainly heard of him and his extravagant costumes. I did not know he was a pianist, only that he was a performer. This movie really opened my eyes because Michael Douglas has still got it. Audiences got a glimpse of this piano-playing skills and his va-va-voom house. Every item in his house is either an antique, golden, marble-like or it sparkles. Every item just screams luxury and indulgence! Personally, after watching this, I feel rather dull and unadorned because I’m not much of an accessories person. Overheard at the cinema, “I feel like buying rings after watching this”. True story.

What’s interesting is how he lured and seduced Scott Thorson into becoming his secret lover. First it’s the pool, then the Jacuzzi then it’s the bed. It’s all nice till Liberace requested Thorson to be a younger version of himself and engages a plastic surgeon to transform his looks. Even Rob Lowe transformed his looks to play the plastic surgeon. Creepy looks! This is like a forewarning for face lifts. Interesting movie to watch though it gets sad towards the end when their relationship gets ugly.



– 3 and a half out of 5 stars

This is the sequel to the 1987 film, Wall Street, where Gordon Gekko first appeared. I would say I waited considerably long for the movie’s release since it was supposed to be out in February.

Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) is released from prison after eight years and finds out that he is alone as his family has cut all ties with him after his son’s death from overdose. Fast forward a few years and the US financial markets are in a mess. Enter Jake Moore (Shia LaBeouf), an ambitious trader who is dating Gekko’s daughter, Winnie, and works at Keller Zabel Investments (KZI), a banking institution. After the death of his mentor, he tracks down the man responsible for the drop in price of KZI’s shares and enlists the help of Gekko, who tries to mend his father-daughter relationship through Jake.

What I loved about the movie is Gordon Gekko’s speech at the lecture he gave at Jake’s alma mater. He delivered it in layman’s terms and I actually understood what he said because I learned it in school. Terms like CDOs, CMOs, ABS, leverage and moral hazard do not sound alien to me. I think I was smiling to myself when I heard them. You can find Gekko’s speech here, and I find it pretty enlightening.

Gordon Gekko: You are the NINJA generation. No Income, No Job, No Assets.

Plus, Shia LaBeouf should stop riding bikes. It’s so distracting! You see a lot of scheming and plotting among the power players and it really opens your eyes to what lies hidden behind these people. One of my favourite characters is Jules, or Julie, who does this weird whistling thing whenever someone/something is in trouble or when he feels like ending that particular conversation. Charlie Sheen from the original Wall Street makes a cameo appearance too.