thehostTHE HOST (2013)
4 out of 5 stars

Based on Stephenie Meyer’s sci-fi novel, the movie takes place in the future where Earth and its inhabitants has been taken over by an extraterrestrial race known as Souls. Melanie Stryder, part of the human resistance, has been captured and Wanderer the Soul has been implanted in her to discover the location of other humans. But Melanie is not going down without a fight and her consciousness affects Wanderer’s feelings and actions…

Yes, I read Stephenie Meyer books and I enjoy reading them. I like the Twilight Saga! I like The Host too!

It is mainly a love story because Melanie’s feelings for Jared are so strong that it affects Wanderer (a.k.a. Wanda) too. Yet, Wanda’s actions draws Ian towards her. My favourite part is when Wanda, as Melanie, shields Jared from Kyle’s punches. To me, that really shows how Melanie is still “alive” with Wanda in her and probably how Ian took to her. The inner and outer voice of Melanie and Wanda can seem distracting at first but it is pretty amusing to see how they interact with one another especially where boys are concerned. There’s lots of kissing and punching so it isn’t overly mushy.

One last thing – don’t you just the song from the end credits? That would be Radioactive by Imagine Dragons.



4 out of 5 stars

Caught this on 22 November 2012 – the opening day in Singapore!

Yes, I am very particular about catching all my Twilight‘s and Harry Potter‘s on opening day because I’m an opening day bitch! And you can never go wrong watching on opening day because it will be super crowded (so book your tickets early!) and the energy inside the theatre is madness! The happy parts, sad parts and funny parts are all amplified when you’re inside a theatre on opening day. The only downside, probably, is when people laugh too much and you miss out what’s on the screen – so you have to watch it again.

Back to the movie – BELLA IS A VAMPIRE!

Her pupils are blood red and we experience her heightened senses by seeing lots of dust in the air and everything else is high definition. Her hunting trip turned out to be quite funny because I was affected by a gif/comment I saw on Tumblr and I cannot get it out of my mind.

Bella Swan: Jake, you really do stink!

Renesmee Cullen was a little creepy because they had to superimpose Mackenzie Foy’s face into various stages of child development. Most of the time it was weird, except when Mackenzie Foy was playing her own age.


This final instalment also brings lots of new faces and the one I was MOST looking forward to see vamping it up is Lee Pace! Doesn’t he look hot as the vampire Garrett? And the tension between Garrett and Kate is just crazy hot! Too bad there weren’t more scenes.

As most of you all have heard, THERE IS A TWIST ENDING!

As I liked to remain spoiler-free till I watched the movie myself (not easy considering the movie opened a week earlier in the USA) so I gasped when I saw the first death. And then I gasped till it sounded more like a deeper-than-usual intake of breath.


But it was a good twist and I guess non-Twihards who were in the theatre actually stopped grumbling.

Jacob Black: So, should I call you “Dad” now?
Edward Cullen: No


The final scene between Bella and Edward was so sweet!

And I liked the ending credits where they introduced all the actors and the character they played along Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years (Part II). Mad love for the song.

Bella Swan: Now you know. Nobody’s ever loved anybody as much as I love you.
Edward Cullen: There’s one exception.


4 and a half out of 5 stars

Gail (Elizabeth Banks): Nothing makes a woman feel more like a girl than a man who sings like a boy.

I watched Pitch Perfect today and I loved every minute of it! First of all, there were very subtle Supernatural references – 1. Kansas’ Carry On Wayward Son, and 2. Brock Kelly. Are you kidding me? Every time I hear that Kansas song, I could almost sit down and cry. Though Brock Kelly appeared less than a minute but his eyes, his hair and his lips are so mesmerizing! Second of all, references to The Breakfast Club. OMG, this reminds me of Easy A from last year, or is it the year before? I was overpowered by tweens while watching this therefore I think it is safe for me to say none of them ever heard of the movie. Boohoo to them. It probably explains why I shushed them when they started talking when the characters were watching TBC. So rude! Just so you know, I cried during the finals’ when I heard the TBCsong!

Oh, how I wish there was someone to watch 80’s movies with me!!!

Lilly: I think I have an idea…
Fat Amy: Excuse me bitch, there’s no need to shout.

Then, there were really cute characters. Rebel Wilson steals the show as Fat Amy. Everything she does is hilarious! Horizontal running, mermaid dancing and all her one-liners. Then, there’s Anna Kendrick who plays Beca who’s really good with deejaying and Brittany Snow whom we haven’t seen on the big screens for a long time. Last but not least, SKYLAR ASTIN who plays Jesse! First, he stole hearts air-guitaring to that Kansas’ song and then he stole hearts the moment he started singing, talking and breathing. Right now, I’m trying to get a hold of movies starring Skylar Astin but there’s not many so I’m really looking forward to 21 and Over, which also stars Justin Chon and Miles Teller!

Jesse: You’re one of the acappella girls. I’m one of those acappella boys, and we’re gonna have aca-children. It’s inevitable.

STAY FOR AN EXTRA SCENE DURING THE CREDITS and if you, like me, really like to stay till the end of the credits so you can see all the songs featured in the movie, there’s an extra BEATBOXING VOCAL CLIP at the end of credit roll.


Saw this for a second time and I’m really into the songs featured in the movie. Maybe it’s the second viewing, but I actually paid more attention to the sounds they made with their mouths, like the “zum zum’s” and “twang’s”. Whole new appreciation for a capella music right now!

And Skylar Astin looks really hot when he sang “Right Round”. What was he thinking, moving his hands the way he did? Plus the jacket swish during the Riff-Off.

OOOH! Can’t wait for the DVD to be out!


4 out of 5 stars

I won’t say I’m a huge fan of Katy Perry but I like her songs and I’m in awe of her features and figure.

Watching this documentary has been a real eye-opener because she didn’t achieve “instant fame” by being famous on Youtube but rather, she never gave up even though she was stuck at record companies which didn’t seem to be doing anything for her career. Her Pentecostal upbringing reminds me of the Followill brothers upbringing – also Pentecostal – and look at where they are now!

The best parts were Katy’s costumes for her Teenage Dream world tour. It’s candy-themed and they glow, they move and they sparkle! I love her hair! She’s the only one who can rock blue hair, pink hair and purple hair! The backstage scenes are the most intimate and real, showcasing her buddies and friends who have been with her before she became THE FIRST FEMALE ARTIST TO HAVE FIVE #1 HIT SINGLES FROM ONE ALBUM! That’s an extraordinary feat, especially when it’s just her second album!

The saddest part of the documentary was the revelation of her divorce with Russell Brand. Anyone with a heart who watches that scene will definitely tear up. Although I don’t like Russell Brand much and always felt that Katy was too good for him but it was heartbreaking to watch that scene. Here’s hoping that she gets a better, fresher second start at life!


4 out of 5 stars

Caught Rock of Ages over the weekend and it has completely dominated my iPod!

I caught the sing-along version which is good because there are lyrics on the screen!

Based on the Broadway musical, it follows Sherrie (Julianne Hough) who moves to Los Angeles from Oklahoma with dreams of becoming a singer. She meets Drew (Diego Boneta) who gets her a job at the Bourbon Room where he works after her suitcase gets stolen. They are both in for a rockin’ good time because Stacee Jaxx (Tom Cruise), the frontman of Arsenal and rock superstar will be performing at the Bourbon Room.

Tom Cruise as Stacee Jaxx on W (June 2012)

WOW. Who knew Tom Cruise could sing like that?! He really sounds like the rock stars of the 80’s! He may be a little too sexed up for my liking but he really embodies the rock star persona. One of my favourite songs from the soundtrack is Foreigner’s “I Want To Know What Love Is”  sung by Tom Cruise and Malin Akerman, both of whom sound great. In my opinion, Tom Cruise really rocked Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar On Me”.

Diego Boneta can sing too – though I was laughing like craaazy when the Z Guyeezz appeared. Well, boybands had to start somewhere. I liked the opening and closing songs – “Sister Christian/Just Like Paradise/ Nothin’ but a Good Time” and “Don’t Stop Believin'”. I simply love mash-ups!

This is a MUST WATCH for lovers of rock music!!!


4 and a half out of 5 stars

It’s been a long time since I laughed and cried in the same movie and Moonrise Kingdom has got to be one of my favourite movies this year.

Jared Gilman and Kara Hayward play Sam Shakusky and Suzy Bishop, two pen pals who made a secret pact to elope in the summer of 1965 on the island of New Penzance. They plan to reach a secluded cove and camp there. The elopement of the young lovers send the scouts camp and the girl’s parents into a frenzy as they try to find them before a hurricane makes its way towards the island.

Sam: I love you, but you have no idea what you’re talking about.
Suzy: I love you too.

I like that scene when the young couple find their secret cove and start to make declarations of love to each other and dance to fancy chanson on the record player. Gilman dances wildly while Hayward tries to be as sophisticated as young girls wanted to be at that age. The cat in the basket deserves some sort of prize for being cute throughout the movie.

Jared Gilman is such a precious human being! He’s really sweet and he really tries his best to fight for his and Suzy’s happiness even though his size really puts him at an disadvantage. The ending was really sweet even though I was afraid the climax at the church might end differently.

I liked the start and the end of the film where they played classical music from Benjamin Britten, where each instrument in the track was introduced by a child. Very lovely!

Sam: Why do you consider me your enemy?
Redford: Because your girlfriend stabbed me in the back with lefty scissors.
Sam: She’s my wife now.


– 4 and a half out of 5 stars 

This is possibly one of the most anticipated movies of the year and man, it didn’t disappoint. I mean, if a movie can make one cry and make one root for the underdogs and also go against the system, I’m definitely in.

For the uninitiated, The Hunger Games is based on a series of books by Suzanne Collins. In the country of Panem, one boy and one girl from each of the 12 districts are offered as tributes to participate in the annual Hunger Games. Only one makes it out alive. Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) volunteers when her sister, Primrose, was picked to be the female tribute for District 12.

Jennifer Lawrence makes one mean Katniss. I watched some of the behind-the-scenes footage and she did almost all her stunts! Wonderful! Especially when she had the bow and arrow. The most brutal and chilling scene had to be at the Cornucopia, where the Games begin. For those who haven’t seen it, just mentally prepare yourself although you can’t really. As the Games progresses, it’s not only survival of the fittest but also the slyest and the smartest.

I thought the other more prominent tribute was Rue from District 11. She made me cry and when Katniss did the three-finger salute, it stopped the tears momentarily because you knew that was the start of more to come. (BOOKS 2+3!) But like any book-to-movie adaptation, there isn’t enough spotlight on the other characters and so hopefully I can get my hands on the book fast enough so I can really understand the whole story in its entirety.

By now I’m sure you’ve heard – The Hunger Games opened with an astounding US$155 million – surpassing all the movies in the Twilight Saga!

China Glaze – The Colours of the Capitol Collection


那些年,我們一起追的女孩  YOU ARE THE APPLE OF MY EYE (2011)
– 4 out of 5 stars

I’m pretty sure the whole world watched it before me (some twice) but I finally watched 那些年,我們一起追的女孩 and it reminded me of simpler, happier times.

Anyway, the movie’s based on the teenage years of Giddens Ko, who also wrote the novel and directed the movie. It tells of five friends who have a crush on the same girl during high school and the eventual bond one of them shares with this girl.

It’s weird typing all that up there and if you really want to know the plot, there’s always Wikipedia.

First of all, nudity! Thank goodness nothing full frontal but there’s enough sexual references at the start of the movie to make one expecting something more sombre blush. My colleague thinks “the butt wasn’t firm enough” though. Second of all, the textbook incident! I think I almost laugh-cried at the same time because it does exist! It stayed with me during schooling years when I had a textbook around and slowly slipped away as the years past. Only then there were two people standing. I can’t think of a time when this emoticon :’) can be used except here. Last of all, I think only a few people can make you laugh at the same time when you’re crying badly.

I miss secondary school days even though I made incredible friends in JC. I think life back then seemed easier people were less complicated. So what about teenage angst. I love teenage angst. It kick-started so many things (good and bad). Comparatively, adult angst just sucked. Some days, I have no idea why I’m so frustrated at everybody, at the world. I doubt anyone would have lent me that textbook without thinking twice if I were in JC. Think too much, think too little – what’s the difference? I’m still waiting for someone who makes me laugh and cry at the same time and vice versa. So thank you, wherever you are, and may I not avoid you in buses or trains.


回到教室座位前後 故意討妳溫柔的罵
黑板上排列組合 妳捨得解開嗎

好想擁抱妳 擁抱錯過的勇氣


– 4 out of 5 stars

I went in thinking it wouldn’t be as nice as the original but I was wrong. I loved it! Kenny Wormald dances really well! OMG Kenny Wormald is amazing! They modified the premise of the movie so that it wouldn’t be too cheesy to watch it in modern times. FYI: the hairs on my arms were standing at the start of the original Footloose. But Kevin Bacon was kinda wow.

Anyway, it turned out all right and I really enjoyed the scenes when Ren (Wormald) was teaching Willard (Miles Teller) how to dance! Miles Teller reminds me of a young John Cusack somehow? And yes, I have to say it again – Kenny Wormald really dances like WOAH! So WOAH! that I Youtubed him that night and watched his dance scenes from You Got Served (which also had Harry Shum Jr. and Robert Hoffman – dancer-actors united!) and Center Stage: Turn It Up.

Here’s one of my favourite scenes and songs from the movie: (LINE DANCING!)


– 3 and a half out of 5 stars 

Things I now know about Justin Bieber:
1. He was born on 1 March 1994 at 12:56AM on a Tuesday.
2. He’s left-handed.
3. He can play the drums, guitar and piano.
4. He has nice forearms.

Yup, that’s what I “learned” from watching this biopic/concert. Well, I wouldn’t say it’s much of a concert because you only see large snippets of the performance. But it was useful in gaining insight on one of the world’s biggest popstars now. Personally, I liked those home videos where a really young and adorable Justin plays the drums and churns out decent beats on a wooden chair.

His signature Bieber hair.

Then you get to the meteoric rise of the popstar and you can really see his dedicated (rabid/obsessed) fans following him around until he has to cancel his appearances due to security reasons. I also love the fact that he and his crew go around giving free tickets to people who cannot afford them or didn’t get them because they were snatched up like hot cakes. And he makes it a must to get up girl on the stage whenever he sings One Less Lonely Girl, then he serenades her, puts his arms around her and make her and everyone in the audience hyperventilate.

There are lots of cameos and performances by other artistes such as Usher, Sean Kingston, Miley Cyrus and Jaden Smith. OMG CAN I JUST SAY THAT JADEN SMITH IS SO FREAKING CUTE ESPECIALLY WHEN HE’S GOT HIS AFRO HAIR!!! It’s wayyy bigger than his head! I like his blinking heart t-shirt too!

Live at Grammys 2011
Justin Bieber & Jaden Smith – Never Say Never/Usher – OMG:


– 3 and a half out of 5 stars

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules is the second instalment of the Wimpy Kid series. Greg Heffley is now in seventh grade and he’s trying to impress the new girl, Holly Hills. Meanwhile, at home, his mother is trying her best to bond Rodrick and Greg by using the “Mom Bucks” system.

Well, the movie’s hilarious and I can’t get enough of the fact that Rowley is sooo adorable! First he sings along to Ke$ha’s Tik Tok, then he cracks the party up with his “mass dance”! Greg, as usual, is trying his best to ascend the social ladder and his efforts to impress Holly often end up disastrous. Rodrick becomes the helpful brother (for a while) and my, he really does look good with eyeliner! One of the funniest scenes occured when Greg and Rowley watched horror movie, The Foot, for their sleepover. OMG it was really LOL-funny, it didn’t seem scary at all, but it might be… for twelve year olds.


– 4 out of 5 stars

I would say Tron: Legacy is one of the most anticipated films of this year, especially with all the super cool posters that they have – and the lightcycle!

Kevin Flynn, CEO of ENCOM, disappeared in 1989 leaving behind his son, Sam. Twenty years later, Alan, an old friend of Kevin’s, visits Sam when he receives a page from Kevin’s arcade. Sam goes to the arcade and accidentally sends himself to The Grid. Sam is sent to battle at the arena and meets Clu, a program set in the image of his father. Help arrives in the form of Quorra, who tells Sam that his father was trapped in this world and reunites father and son as they race to get to the Portal before Sam, too, gets trapped in The Grid.

Wow, I saw this in 3D and I thought the effects were pretty decent. I liked the lightcycles especially cos they left a trail of light in their path, and just the plain act of mounting the lightcycle is so cool! The equivalent for death in The Grid is deresolution, which essentially is being smashed into millions of pixels – not pretty. Olivia Wilde as Quorra is another kick-ass babe in the digital world. Turns out she has a secret identity of her own. And there’s Garrett Hedlund – oh, it’s been so long since I’ve seen him on the big screen!

The soundtrack, scored by Daft Punk, is fantastic and reminds you of The Grid even when you’re not watching the movie. They make a cameo in the club, where Castor (Michael Sheen) orders them to “Change the scheme! Alter the mood! Electrify the boys and girls, if you’d be so kind.”


– 3 and a half out of 5 stars 

Heartbreaker is a French romantic comedy starring Romain Duris and Vanessa Paradis.

Romain Duris plays Alex Lippi, a professional heartbreaker. He believes there are three types of women in a relationship: those who are happy, those who are knowingly unhappy and those who are unhappy without knowing it. His job is to help those in the last category. For his latest assignment, he is hired by a rich man to break Juliette’s (his daughter) relationship with an Englishman. But the problem is, he has only a week before their wedding.

Wow, Romain Duris is really charming! You can literally laugh out loud at the antics he pulls with his previous assignments, though you secretly wonder how did those women fall for the exact same line and tears. I guess it must be his eyes. While trying to get to Juliette, he picks up dancing cos Juliette loves the movie Dirty Dancing and OMG he can really dance! His partners-in-crime, his sister and brother-in-law are hilarious as a team. Especially the brother-in-law’s obsession to be an Italian car-racer and how he repeatedly knocked Juliette’s friend, Sophie, out cold. It’s been a long time since a rom-com has been interesting and not entirely predictable so I really enjoyed this one.

This is Juliette’s favourite song – Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go by Wham!