internshipTHE INTERNSHIP (2013)
4 out of 5 stars

Billy and Nick apply for an internship at Google after being laid off from their sales job. When they get in, they realize it’s a whole new world when they have to compete with tech-savvy and multi-tasking youths for a shot at employment.



When news of The Internship came out, I was only certain of Dylan O’Brien starring and was totally unaware of Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn in it. Sure, Dylan’s character Stuart is moody and aloof like the typical youth but he’s also roguishly handsome. Can’t wait to watch all other movies he’s starring in!

While it wasn’t as funny as The Wedding Crashers, it has its moments. Like the clubbing scene or how everything links back to Flashdance. My favourite part would be the Quidditch game because who knew it could be played in real life?! Plus, you get to see Dylan O’Brien jump in the air! Whoosh! The X-Men joke was quite funny too. I couldn’t stop laughing at it. The guy who plays Yo-Yo is so cute! I pity his right eyebrow!


– 3 and a half out of 5 stars

I watched this because Rachel McAdams was in it and she was under-used because she plays some superficial fiancée to Owen Wilson’s character and I’m telling you she can do so much better than that. But she looked really beautiful! Parisian chic!

Paris really does look magical as midnight and I would love for a chance to walk in the rain (preferably light drizzle) over there. I liked it when Gil (Wilson) met Ernest Hemingway and Salvador Dalí. The former for his wit and the latter because he could not stop talking about rhinoceroses.


– 4 and a half out of 5 stars 

This movie is really fantastic!

The movie really starts when Mr. Fox moves his family to a tree opposite the businesses of Boggis, Bunce and Bean. Mr. Fox decides to raid their farms for livestock and precious apple cider but these mean businessmen are not to be messed with. Soon, the farmers discover there’s a fox in their midst and camp out near the foxes’ trees to kill Mr. Fox. Then the foxes and the possum, Kylie, start digging – and that’s my favourite part! They are really vigourous at digging! As the farmers use larger and more powerful tools to dig them out, they dig further underground to escape them. He’s a really smart and charming fox!

The stakes get higher when Mr. Fox’s nephew gets caught and the final battle is really AMAZING! All the underground animals use their talents according to their latin species name, and it turns out the badger is a demolition specialist! Watch out for fiery acorns!

You can go to the official website to play their game of Whackbat. Seriously, besides the main guy whacking the bat, I have no idea what the other players are doing.


– 3 and a half out of 5 stars

As the prequel’s slogan goes – where history comes to life – this time it’s no different! The exhibits at the Museum of Natural History are being shipped to the Federel Archives in lieu of revamping the museum. However, Larry (Ben Stiller), now a successful inventor, knows better when the magical Egyptian tablet is shipped over as well. Now, the largest museum comes to life!

The bad guy is Kahmunrah, a pharaoh mummy, who plans to dominate the world in his second chance to live. He is so funny defending his outfit (tunic) which the others insists it’s a dress, and watch his attitude towards Darth Vader!

(Confronting Vader)
Kahmunrah: Is that you breathing? Because I can’t hear myself think! There’s too much going on here; you’re asthmatic, you’re a robot. And why the cape? Are we going to the opera? I don’t think so.

Too bad the Force was not with Darth at that moment.

I loved the part where they jumped into the portrait, where Larry left his mobile phone in that era. Bet you didn’t know the sailor that picked up his phone was Joey Motorola. Larry’s sidekick is the fiesty Amelia Earhart, who uses cool ’30s phrases like “jimmy-jacked” and “moxie”. Oh, did I mention the Jonas Brothers are in the movie too?! They are the singing cupids (not cute at all but still recognizable). I also enjoyed the various appearances of the cast of The Office. Overall, the movie provided really good, hearty laughs.


– 3 and a half out of 5 stars

I caught Night At The Museum and I must say it’s pretty good for a comedy/family-oriented movie. Was in a dilemma of choosing The Queen, Blood Diamond and this movie, so when my turn was up at the box office, I just blabbered out “night at the museum”.

I think certain parts were truly unexpected; with lots of laughs, suspense and action. But I guess history still won’t be my best friend after the movie and that I would certainly not try night guard duty at museums or anywhere… spooky.