LOOPER (2012)
4 and a half out of 5 stars

Caught this amazing movie a while back and it still blows my mind.

Who would imagine that telekinesis would be possible in the future and that it was  so crass that only losers use it to pick girls up? Not to mention, time travelling.

JGL plays Joe, a looper, who is paid to kill guys that are sent back from the future. It’s a job that pays well and it’s all good until you realize that you have “closed your loop” – meaning you shot your older self. Then, you have 30 years to enjoy before your “untimely” death.

What happens when you don’t close your loop? Horrible things, as we have seen with Paul Dano’s Seth at the beginning of the movie. I hope he was sedated and not passed out from shock. The story gets interesting when Joe’s older self escapes being killed and Older Joe starts hunting for the now-young Rainmaker, the man behind organized crime in the future.

Watch it because it’s one of the most original ideas seen in movies in recent years and be amazed by JGL as well as his prosthetic nose bridge (so he looks like Bruce Willis).



4 out of 5 stars

Calvin (Paul Dano) suffers from writer’s block and with the help of his shrink, he becomes inspired to write about a girl (Zoe Kazan) that appears in his dreams. He names her Ruby Sparks. One morning, he awakes to find Ruby in his house and finds it hard to differentiate from reality and his imagination.

Calvin: This is the true and impossible story of my very great love: Ruby Sparks. You may see this and think it’s magic. But falling in love, is an act of magic.

The story was really sweet at first, after all, Ruby is the girl of his dreams. But like all beings, they crave for change and this is bad news for Calvin, because it would mean Ruby wouldn’t be his Ruby any longer. The first amendment to the text really changed everything and it was pretty obvious from then on that Ruby wasn’t the same anymore.

It got quite heartbreaking to watch because she went from being an independent spirit to someone without one. The ending reminds me a little of (500) Days of Summer because it was like a punch to the face that you expected and yearned for.