21andover21 & OVER (2013)
3 and a half out of 5 stars

Let’s just say I did not expect to see so much of Skylar Astin.

Here comes a teenage version of the Hangover – same amount of havoc  with more hormones. Miller (Miles Teller) and Casey (Skylar Astin) helps their childhood buddy (Jeff Chang) celebrate his 21st birthday with a bang right before a big medical school interview the next morning.

Granted, this did not warrant as much laughs as the ‘adult version’ but it still delivered. Justin Chon really went out there and became a wild drunk. All the shaking and dancing with the teddy bear… On a wild night such as this, there are bound to be some recurring characters and Randy just takes the cake. His sidekicks are super hilarious, ending each sentence with “Randy”. The Chief is also quite amusing.

But one of the main reasons I watched this was Skylar Astin! He’s still so earnestly funny and wow, those guys really worked hard on their v-line, don’t they? The sorority deals with outsiders pretty sternly and us, audiences, really benefitted from it. Miles Teller, last seen in the Footloose reboot, steals scenes as the fast-talking, sarcastic friend. He definitely needs to work on his pick-up lines.

Jeff Chang: I’m 21! Blackjack, motherfucker!


wreckitralph1WRECK-IT RALPH (2012)
4 out of 5 stars

The movie follows Wreck-It Ralph, the villian in the arcade game Fix-It Felix, Jr. and his quest to be a hero and not a bad guy.

OMG Vanellope von Schweetz is so cute and she’s got wit to match! I can’t believe she’s voiced by Sarah Silverman! I liked how the consistency among the games where the older games are pixelated and the newer games have higher definition. When these characters travel through older games, their image becomes pixelated as well. Cool! The entire concept of the Game Central Station is quite amazing too because it is actually an extension block of sockets.

Wreck-It Ralph: I’m bad and that’s good. I will never be good, and that’s not bad. There’s no one I’d rather be than me.

Though the characters spend most of their time in Sugar Rush, I’d much prefer it to Hero’s Duty. At least everywhere is so colourful and there are familiar candies to look out for!

The ending was really unexpected and I mean that in a good way. Sometimes you can visualize the ending as it nears but it ended differently from I thought so I liked it.

STAY TILL THE END OF THE CREDITS to see the Disney logo become pixelated.



4 and a half out of 5 stars

Gail (Elizabeth Banks): Nothing makes a woman feel more like a girl than a man who sings like a boy.

I watched Pitch Perfect today and I loved every minute of it! First of all, there were very subtle Supernatural references – 1. Kansas’ Carry On Wayward Son, and 2. Brock Kelly. Are you kidding me? Every time I hear that Kansas song, I could almost sit down and cry. Though Brock Kelly appeared less than a minute but his eyes, his hair and his lips are so mesmerizing! Second of all, references to The Breakfast Club. OMG, this reminds me of Easy A from last year, or is it the year before? I was overpowered by tweens while watching this therefore I think it is safe for me to say none of them ever heard of the movie. Boohoo to them. It probably explains why I shushed them when they started talking when the characters were watching TBC. So rude! Just so you know, I cried during the finals’ when I heard the TBCsong!

Oh, how I wish there was someone to watch 80’s movies with me!!!

Lilly: I think I have an idea…
Fat Amy: Excuse me bitch, there’s no need to shout.

Then, there were really cute characters. Rebel Wilson steals the show as Fat Amy. Everything she does is hilarious! Horizontal running, mermaid dancing and all her one-liners. Then, there’s Anna Kendrick who plays Beca who’s really good with deejaying and Brittany Snow whom we haven’t seen on the big screens for a long time. Last but not least, SKYLAR ASTIN who plays Jesse! First, he stole hearts air-guitaring to that Kansas’ song and then he stole hearts the moment he started singing, talking and breathing. Right now, I’m trying to get a hold of movies starring Skylar Astin but there’s not many so I’m really looking forward to 21 and Over, which also stars Justin Chon and Miles Teller!

Jesse: You’re one of the acappella girls. I’m one of those acappella boys, and we’re gonna have aca-children. It’s inevitable.

STAY FOR AN EXTRA SCENE DURING THE CREDITS and if you, like me, really like to stay till the end of the credits so you can see all the songs featured in the movie, there’s an extra BEATBOXING VOCAL CLIP at the end of credit roll.


Saw this for a second time and I’m really into the songs featured in the movie. Maybe it’s the second viewing, but I actually paid more attention to the sounds they made with their mouths, like the “zum zum’s” and “twang’s”. Whole new appreciation for a capella music right now!

And Skylar Astin looks really hot when he sang “Right Round”. What was he thinking, moving his hands the way he did? Plus the jacket swish during the Riff-Off.

OOOH! Can’t wait for the DVD to be out!