– 4 and a half out of 5 stars 

This is a wonderful movie!

The story is about Flint Lockwood, a scientist-wannabe who has been experimenting all his life but has brought nothing but trouble to his townsfolk of Swallow Falls. His spray-on shoes that never came off, the rat-birds and his Monkey Thought Translator that only has one-word effects on his lab partner/friend, Steve the monkey.

When the town’s only way of survival (sardines) threatens to destroy the town’s spirit, Flint invents a machine that converts water into food but inadvertently spoils the Mayor’s campaign to bring tourists back to Swallow Falls. The entire towns hates him till it started raining cheeseburgers! Flint then creates a device that allows the people to order their food and the tourists are now coming into the newly renamed town of Chewandswallow. However, the food is starting to mutate and gets bigger than one can chew and it’s up to Flint and his odd gang to save the town!

Ooh, Steve is so cute! His repetitive one-word answers are so funny! “Hungry! Hungry! Hungry!”, “Excited! Excited!”, “Gummy bears!”, “Moustache…”… The final battle between Steve and his favourite food is like the mini-climax of the ending. Also, the policeman is really funny cos his chest hair tingles whenever he senses trouble! Go watch it!


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